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9 Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

Chrome extensions can make your life easier by increasing your productivity, making it easier to complete tasks that usually take a long time.

Productivity, time management, and effective results don’t come naturally to everyone. One has to put in consistent hard work and effort to improve it. Many people struggle with productivity and time management. But these factors become important where there is a truckload of tasks to manage and complete.

There are over 10000+ Google Chrome Extensions available for all kinds of areas like note-taking, time management, automatic writing suggestions, and more. We have prepared a list of these 9 SEO Chrome extensions that you can use to save time and improve your overall productivity.

So, let’s get started!

1.    Loom for Chrome

Imagine someone asking you to get on a call for just a 5-minute video call. It’s frustrating, right? With Loom, you can easily record and share videos with your team members or clients. It allows you to explain your points clearly and comprehensively.

It’s an excellent Chrome extension to send personalized explanations to your team or clients.


2.    Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly, the writing improvement tool, is great for analyzing basic grammatical mistakes and typos. Sometimes, it is impossible for writers and editors to go through a detailed document to find out the mistakes. Thus, they can use Grammarly to save time and increase their productivity.

It also offers a premium version, where you can even get recommendations on tone, clarity, and word choice.


3.    HubSpot

Often businesses and marketers find it difficult to write separate emails for every prospect. This practice may often kill creativity and stress you out. HubSpot’s Chrome Extension helps with both emailing and outreach which can help you save a good amount of time. This extension offers various email templates, CRM for Gmail, and sales tools to improve productivity and your business activities.


4.    OneTab

Whether we like multitasking or not, one can find multiple tabs open on every professional’s web browser. OneTab presents all the tabs in a vertical list format and allows you to choose tabs and bring them to the main window as and whenever you need. It leaves no room for confusion and makes your work faster and more efficient.


5.    Mailtrack – Email Tracker for Gmail

Often, brands fail to track the emails they have sent to their target audience. It makes it difficult for them to analyze the results and make improvements accordingly. This is when Mailtrack comes to the rescue. This Chrome Extension helps you track the following things:

  • If your emails were received
  • If they were opened
  • When were the emails opened
  • The number of times one email was opened

It will help you leverage your email marketing campaigns in a better way improve your results and manage clients better.

6.    Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant

Marinara is a Chrome Extension for the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a time management tool that helps you focus on a particular task in specific time intervals. The Pomodoro Technique is 25 minutes, along with two breaks i.e., short (5 minutes) and long breaks (15 minutes).

It allows you to track time for every task helps in increasing your productivity and makes you work faster and more efficiently.


7.    ClickUp Chrome Extension

ClickUp is literally an all-in-one Chrome Extension and one of the best project management software. It allows you to create new tasks, track time, take screenshots, and easily integrate Gmail and Outlook emails with your tasks.

ClickUp Chrome Extension makes work easier and faster for you and helps you to get more done. So, if you are looking for one Chrome Extension that can help you solve the majority of your problems, ClickUp is the one for you.


8.    Hunter – Email Finder Extension

Finding the right and quality emails is one of the most challenging tasks. But more than that, one gets all tired after skimming through hundreds of websites to find the right emails. Therefore, Hunter, the email finder extension, crawls the websites and returns with specific results like name, email address, and department.

And it is free of cost, unlike other Chrome Extensions. So, you can eliminate all the worries and get started with the tool.


9.    Clockify

The last one on the list is Clockify. It is a time-tracking app that can help you maximize your productivity. Everyone can use it from freelancers to full-time professionals to create projects, track time, and generate timesheets, schedules, and reports of their activity.

It is a great tool to eliminate all your laziness and inefficiencies and finish all the tasks on time.


Final Thoughts

Productivity is important to work effectively and efficiently. These 9 Chrome Extensions are some of the best tools that you can put to your users to generate better results and create a better work life.

So, it’s time to get started with these top Chrome Extensions.


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