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Best Camping Destinations in Mumbai, India

When you plan for Camping Destinations in Mumbai, better know and find the best place there. Mumbai has the best destinations for camping purposes. 

Because of the enormous crowd and pollution, Mumbai may sometimes seem somewhat oppressive as the city of dreams. The heart desires a quick getaway from a quieter location with uncomfortable traffic and endless persons in the streets. Moreover, when you look up at the metropolis, you can hardly see stars in the sky.

But a fun-filled trip to Mumbai is what you need to revitalize the tedious urban business. Fortunately, Mumbai is only a few hours away, so you’ll always be able to drive to relax and feel near to nature. Indeed, a camping excursion with fun and starry seems almost suitable for a weekend trip in the city’s vicinity.

Have know the best Camping Destinations in Mumbai, India are listed follows

Camping Destinations in Mumbai India
Camping Destinations in Mumbai India

Best Camping Destinations in Mumbai

Pawna Lake Camping

Feeling stressed? Well, you are just one place from a hot area to relieve all your stress and anxieties. What do you expect? Make your wheels turn, and your legs move to the hustle and bustle destination. Yes, the campsite is called ‘Pawna Lake.’

The peace of the lake water flows and the slight tones caused by the chilled breeze will keep you relaxed and amazed. Without question, you’ll feel the symphony of nature, and you won’t forget the attractive mountain kissing.

 The pawna lake camping site is indeed at the point when the old forts are explored. It is said that God created nature’s immaculate existence which will continuously force your fingertips to capture the authentic beauty of the aura. You may sense the love of nature from the photos used to provide souvenirs to your loved ones. You live and love the moment from the dusk to the bottom.

The sunrise at this spot is beautiful, and the natural beauty and hues of nature are to be observed. The cold, dusky air floods the heart with the people’s emotions and the essence of the human person.

Bhandardara Camping

Bhandardara must be one of the most popular campsites near Mumbai after Pawana Lake. Located in the vicinity of Igatpuri and hosting many campers and travelers from the city, Bhandardara is often the place for noise and pollution. A very popular campground near Mumbai is Bhandardara Lake. You can either take your tents to the camping site and a starry adventure in the neighborhood of Mumbai. Or, you can register for specific weekly camping tours

. It is a favorite place for people who want to camp near Mumbai and watch the stars. In the peaceful setting of Bhandardara, you would have an excellent time.

Karnala camping

The quiet camping Karnala is about an hour and a half from Mumbai. The campsite is near Mumbai and is a hotspot. Many people choose to drive to camp at Karnala from Mumbai and Pune.

There is a lot of natural serenity in the place. You could not wish for a more proper location near Mumbai with the birds waving in the background of the lovely waterfall that lies within the campsite. Due to the unusual sound of the surrounding area, the place is exceptional.

Kundalika Camping

Way of Nature Rafting Camp Kundalika is a seaside estate located near Kamath village. The final conclusion of the white rafting stretch is reaching Kamath. Kundalika Rafting Camp is a fantastic weekend break from Mumbai & Pune, with a widespread dining hall, vast lush open playground, pleasant scenery, and the best hospitality facilities.

All include zIP, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Kayaking, Laddering, Treasure search, You. We also provide all hard packages. For those who want to escape from the city’s frenetic life, the experience undoubtedly is out.

Prabalmachi Camping

Prabalmachi in Maharashtra is one of the Camping Destinations in Mumbai which is perfect. It will allow you to enjoy trekking and discover the Sahyadri range. It comes into the middle category of trekking and is excellent enjoyment for walkers. You can enjoy the lovely vegetation as you walk up with happiness. Prabalmachi is well-known for its numerous campsites. During the trekking expeditions, individuals often want to investigate the area surrounding Prabalmachi.

So you can make a diversion and visit the simple one-day trip to Kalavantin Durg while you are in the area. Kalavantin Durg is a steep but easy ascent, once famed for being a guard tower. It is one of Mumbai’s premier campsites for star-looking.

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