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7 India’s Best Balcony Garden Plants

Make best balcony garden plants and Do you desire a garden on the balcony in your apartment? Yes, it is the most effective approach to transform your balcony into a stunning and relaxing area.

The most attractive and peaceful location to spend your time in is the balcony garden. Conifers, herbs, vegetables, creepers, shrubs, and even tiny trees can be grown. The attractiveness of a balcony garden is enhanced by flowering plants and unusual foliage plants, which you can quickly get when you order plants online from a popular nursery.

Indias Best Balcony Garden Plants
Indias Best Balcony Garden Plants

Here are some of India’s greatest balcony garden plants:

1. Plantain Snake

This plant is the Best Balcony Garden Plants which is perfect for your balcony because of its decorative appeal. Mother-in-law’s tongue is the popular name for this plant. It is highly efficient at cleaning the air and requires very little upkeep.

It can survive even when there is less sunshine available; therefore it may be utilized as a decorative item within the house. To add to the beauty, snake plants should be utilized in groups of two or three.

Light: This plant thrives in both low and high light conditions.

Soil: It may thrive in arid, dry environments.

Water: It only requires a little amount of water. Excessive water might cause the plant to decay. This plant just has to be watered once every few months throughout the winter.

2. Bougainvillea

This disease- and pest-free shrub is resilient, floriferous, and incredibly stunning. As a result, it is perfect as a balcony plant. This plant is often purple or crimson in color and is considered one of the finest quality plants in terms of aesthetics and attractiveness, owing to its rich color and scent content.

To blossom, these Best Balcony Garden Plants require at least 5 hours of direct sunshine every day.

Water: This plant should be given only a small amount of water.

3. Money Tree

This plant has tiny, round, flat leaves that are beautiful. It requires relatively little upkeep. This plant is the subject of numerous urban legends. The most prevalent is that if this plant thrives, there will never be a financial problem in that home. So buy money plants online since it eliminates all gaseous pollutants.

Low light is preferable since direct sunshine can burn plants.

Soil: Sandy, moss-based soil is preferable since it allows water to drain quickly and prevents root rot.

Water: This plant just has to be watered once a week, regardless of the weather.

4. Syngonium

This semitropical plant, sometimes known as arrowhead vine, is a balcony plant that thrives in Indian climates. It’s a great climber that may also be used as a tabletop plant. These plants are utilised as a highlight among other plants since they grow slowly and are light green in colour with white tones.

It performs well in low to medium light but excels in strong light.

Temperature: For growth, it prefers a humid as well as a warm climate.


5. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

If you’re looking for a plant that would brighten up your balcony, this is the one to go for. The leaves have a distinct streak of colour in the centre or on the borders, which adds to the attractiveness of your landscape.

This plant need not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Soil: For this plant, a decent potting mix is recommended.

Water: In the summer, it’s best to have wet soil. During the winter, the soil must dry before being watered again.

6. Fig Weeping

The name is misleading. Don’t get carried away with the name. This plant is regarded as Bangkok’s official tree. It can grow in adverse settings and is excellent at removing all harmful gases from the environment.

Weeping figs may be kept in tiny pots and placed on the balcony because their growth is generally vertical, so they don’t take up much room. They are also Best Balcony Garden Plants for your room.

It may grow luxuriantly in both the sun and the shade.

Soil: This plant grows best in soil that drains properly.

Water: This plant requires a steady supply of water in the summer and a limited amount in the winter.


7. Banana Bonsai Plant

The Bonsai banana plant is a beautiful decorative plant that will brighten up your balcony. It thrives in tropical and subtropical climates. Bonsai may be grown in small pots or even little ornamental plates, making them easy to transport and cultivate.

Bonsai plants, which are also considered sacred, are an absolute harbinger of beauties when used in balcony gardens. So, they are regarded as one of the Best Balcony Garden Plants for your home balcony.

Sprinkle some water on the soil to keep it moist but not soggy.

Humidity: For Bonsai, a humidity level of more than 50% is usually ideal.

100 percent soil In order for water to reach the roots, proper drainage must be established.



Best Balcony Garden Plants make your balcony great to look at and beautify your home. So, enjoy loving these  Balcony Garden Plants which will prove best for your balcony placing.




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