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A Guide to Experiencing India’s Landmarks Like a Local

India is the dream destination for history and culture lovers. The country makes everyone love it because of its enriching holiday experience. You will find many UNESCO World Heritage sites and other exceptional sites in the region that you can only explore in an ideal way if you are exploring them like a local. So, it would help if you looked through a guide to experiencing India’s landmarks like a local. 

This Asian region is unmatched in its glorious history and ancient architecture. However, rapid advancements in the country have made it a perfect blend of modernity and traditions. So, if you have booked your flights to India from London, you should follow the below-mentioned tips to have the most memorable time exploring the country’s famous landmarks. 

Tips to Experience India’s Landmarks Like a Local

  1. Hire a Passionate Tour Guide

You will find many enthusiastic locals in the region that help you experience the fascinating destination like a local. The main goal of these locals is to enable you to give you an insider’s perspective of the country. They will help you explore the country’s countless famous historical and cultural landmarks. They will guide you about everything while you are in the country. 

Indian food is unmatched because of the unique blend of spices, and you can get some excellent suggestions from the tour guides. The country also has some of the world’s most ancient and historical temples. These tour guides will also help you explore these temples and other unique things the region offers. 

  1. Embrace the Unique and Vibrant Culture

You must know what holiday experience you will get at a destination like India. Even though you might have heard some stories about the vibrant culture of India, you will still experience culture shock once you are in the region. This is because the culture in this region is so unique that you might not see such a culture anywhere else in the world. 

Also, the country has been home to many ancient civilizations and people of different religions, giving its culture a rare blend. So, make sure you escape the culture shock as soon as possible. This will help you embrace the region’s vibrant culture and experience everything like a local. 

  1. Get Ready for the Chaos

You might have heard how chaotic India is. But you can only know about the extent of this chaos once you have experienced it yourself. Therefore, you should not expect a calm and peaceful holiday in India, especially while exploring its famous landmarks. These landmarks are often quite crowded, and you will always see hustle and bustle at these places. 

Many locals also regularly visit these landmarks in addition to the locals from all over the world. So, prepare for the crowd and the chaotic environment if you want to feel like a local in this vibrant country. Moreover, it would help if you also learned how to make space for yourself in the bustling crowds.

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  1. Dress Appropriately 

Many of the regions in India have a conservative environment, including some of the historical landmarks and temples. Dressing appropriately is essential, especially for temples and other religious places, out of respect. So, there is no better way of feeling like a local than dressing like a local. You can choose clothes that are not too revealing, and women can also carry a scarf or a dupatta to visit the mosques and the temples. 

You can also show some respect for the culture by dressing up like the locals while you are in the region. Moreover, many locals take off their shoes in front of their houses, especially outside temples, mosques, and other sacred places. So, follow the locals ‘ rules to get an insider feel and a more culturally enlightening experience.

  1. Prepare Yourself to Get Lost

India’s chaotic environment doesn’t end with the noise and the crowds. There is a lot more chaos in India, and you will experience it while traveling around the country to visit landmarks or do anything else. The roads are complex, which even confuses Google Maps. 

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If you travel by cab to a popular tourist destination, you will not have to worry much about getting lost as the local drivers know the way to famous landmarks. However, if you are driving yourself or taking public transport from one place to another, you must prepare yourself to get lost and get help from various locals to get to the destination. You must also carry everything in your travel backpack to avoid inconveniences even if you get lost in the country. 

Summing Up

Are you planning a trip to India? If so, you might need a guide to experiencing India’s landmarks like a local to ensure you make the most of your time in the region. So, make sure that you go through the tips mentioned above carefully and follow them to feel like a local in a chaotic country. 



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