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9 Types of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. Choosing the right ring is important and deserves careful consideration. Here we discuss these types of engagement rings you should know.

Every society across the globe has the ritual of wearing a wedding band as part of the popular wedding culture. Whether it is the engagement or the wedding, both are special and memorable moments of life and the perfect ring completes the event and stays as a souvenir of the union.

However, with so many designs and styles available in the market, it is a challenging task to select a Wedding & Engagement Ring. Moreover, the individual choice, diamond quality & cut, and the design comes in varied budget segments, so if it’s the first time jewellery shopping then it can be quite puzzling.

In case, you are planning a proposal or are on the hunt for a wedding ring check out the varieties available: Here’s a list of nine engagement ring styles you should know.

The Solitaires

These are the traditional engagement rings that have been around for quite some time now. As the name suggests there is only one stone in a solitaire ring and to make the diamond stand out it is mounted on a simple band. These are the most sophisticated and elegant choices for a ring. Also, the best thing about it is that it will never go out of fashion plus it will be available at the Local Jeweller.

Cluster rings

Cluster rings or Illusion rings are also popular and affordable rings for proposal purposes. In a cluster ring, smaller stones are set together in a cluster setting to give the impression of a larger diamond. These rings are set to give brilliant sparkle in a pocket-friendly range and come in options of a traditional or a modern asymmetrical and unique design.

Cathedral ring

Another sophisticated and traditional ring design is the Cathedral design, where the loop of the ring resembles the arch of the cathedral, and that is why the name. A big diamond is set on the ring and smaller pave diamonds are added to the band for extra shine and sparkle.

Halo ring

Halo is one of the most popular rings because of its design and the shine it brings. It has a center stone that is bordered with pave stones to create a halo, the halo reflects light into the center stone to shine. The halo setting helps in creating a shimmer and shine and also makes the stone look larger and gorgeous. The halo rings also provide choices for the center stone, which can be replaced by a colored stone like ruby or sapphire.

Bezel Rings

The Bezel rings are one of the most secured ring settings with the stone harbored between the metal bands instead of a raised on prongs. These rings are, however, more expensive than the rings with a prong setting but are very low maintenance. Besides, since the stone stays secure within the metal band so light does not penetrate the stone and it looks smaller. Also, the stone is less likely to get scratched and fall out of the secured band which makes it a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Wedding Ring

If your choice for a Wedding & Engagement Ring is to reflect the symbol of everlasting love, then the Eternity band can be a good option. The Eternity diamond ring can be made using pave, channel, or French set based on the choice of the wearer, and the stones are set in an unbroken chain that reflects forever.

The center stone is usually a diamond and can be purchased for some other occasions like an anniversary or to commemorate the birth of a child, apart from simple as an engagement ring.

Pave Rings

The Pave-designed rings are more of a personalized option where smaller diamonds are inserted with the band to reflect more light and shine brilliantly. These rings add a feminine touch to the rings and look excellent on the fingers.

Moreover, the pave-designed rings can reflect the thoughts and emotions of the proposer and so is a very good choice for an engagement ring.

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings are back in fashion and are an excellent choice for romantic proposals. The three diamond setup is significant as it represents the forever in a relationship where the stones are symbolic of the past, present, and future. Also known as the Trilogy rings, the choice of the diamond sizes is what sets apart the ring.

One popular setting is to get a big stone for the center and two comparatively smaller and equal in size stones to set beside the big stone. Of late, some designers have come up with the idea to use any colored stone for the center which is accented with smaller diamonds.

Flushed diamond rings

Another very popular ring in the contemporary years is the Flush setting Diamond ring, which is most popular among men. In these rings, the diamonds are hammered into the band so the diamond does not protrude out.

Besides, the design is chic and secure and is the perfect choice for someone who leads a very active life. So, girls, this could be the one that you can get for your proposal to express your feelings.


Over to you:

 These Wedding & Engagement Ring types can help you select a perfect ring for your partner based on their choice and style and your emotions. The emotions and the feelings associated with the ring are much more important than the cost or monetary value of the product and so never shy away from considering your budget before deciding on any one of these.

Engagement rings are such a special and important part of a couple’s lives. Some people wear them every day and some only on special occasions. These above  collection of engagement rings that can be worn every day and some that are only for special occasions.

To get a clear idea of the price, style, and design always trust a Local Jeweller who has a sort-out website to provide guidance on the products.




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