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Google Voice Not Working?

Google Voice Not Working? This article will teach you the seven most typical remedies for Google Voice issues.


1.Use the correct Google account to log in.

There could be various reasons why you can’t enter into your Google Voice account to recover your messages.The first thing you need do is make sure you’re using the correct Google account. This should be the account you used to set up Google Voice in the first place.

Select your profile image from the Google search home page and make sure you’re connected into that Google account.If you aren’t, select Sign out and then sign in with the correct Google account.

2. Examine Your Internet Service

This should go without saying, but you won’t be able to use Google Voice if you can’t connect to the internet.

Your browser may display an obvious error indicating that you are not connected to the internet. You may also receive an error message from Google Voice stating that a connection is no longer accessible.

You may check this in a few different ways. To troubleshoot your specific internet connection issue, use the links below.

You’re ready to continue on to the following troubleshooting steps if you’ve confirmed that your internet connection is fine, or if you’ve corrected your connection but Google Voice is still not working. Alternatively you can visit AssistMe360 to know more.

3. Download the most recent version of Google Voice

You don’t have to worry about the version of Google Voice if you use your browser to access it. Make sure you’re running the most recent version of Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, though.

Almost every browser has an About page where you can check and update your browser version. Usually, all you have to do is visit this website, and your browser will update automatically.

If you’re using Google Voice on a mobile device, make sure your app is up to date by going to Google Play or the Apple App Store.

4.Make sure Google Voice is configured correctly

You can get a free phone number with Google Voice and then link incoming calls to that number to your smartphone.

There are a couple things that can go wrong if you’ve done this once and then forgotten about it.

  • You’ve bought a new phone and set up Google Voice, but calls aren’t being forwarded to the new number.
  • You didn’t update Google Voice after changing your phone number on your existing phone.
  • Your Google Voice account has been deactivated or terminated.
  • You’ve created a second Google Voice account and attempted to forward calls to the same phone from that second number.

Check your Google Voice registered phone number, then confirm that the device you’ve registered is the one you currently own.

Select the gear Settings icon in the upper right corner of Google Voice to do so. Then, from the left menu, choose Account.

Under the Google Voice number area, you’ll find your Google Voice phone number. In the My devices area, you’ll find your registered mobile device.

Note: If you’re utilising Voice for Google Workspace for business communications with many users, the registered administrator must issue each user a “licence” to use the Google Voice account and assign each user their own phone number. If you’re a Workspace member, check with the Admin to make sure your Google Voice account is active.

5.Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

Even if you have Google Voice set up correctly to relay calls to your phone or web browser, you may not receive calls. This can be caused by a number of factors. Specifically, Do Not Disturb and Call Answering settings.Select Do not disturb from the left navigation menu in the Google Voice settings menu. Make sure the right-hand Do not disturb toggle is turned off.

You will not receive any incoming call notifications from Google Voice if you enable this setting.

6.Examine your call answering options

The Call Answering options are another feature that can cause Google Voice to stop operating with incoming calls. This may be found in the Google Voice Settings menu. From the left navigation pane, choose Calls.

On the right, look for the Incoming calls area, followed by the My devices section. Make sure the toggle switches to the right of each device you want to accept Google Voice calls on are activated.

7.Have you recently used Google Voice?

Some users claim that their Google Voice service simply ceased working after they neglected to open and utilise Google Voice for an extended period of time.

Logging back into your Google Voice account and reading recent messages is the first thing to attempt. This activity may be enough to reactivate your account and resolve issues with alerts.

However, a more severe problem is that your Google Voice access has been completely revoked. This can occur for a variety of reasons.

  • In more than six months, you haven’t made a call, received a text, or even bothered to listen to your Google Voice voicemails.
  • You transferred your old cell phone number to Google Voice but did not pay the $20 price for this service.
  • You’ll lose not only access to Google Voice, but also your Google Voice phone number, if you do either of these things.

In case your Google Voice is still  not working  then don’t worry; you’ll have another 45 days to contact Google Support and retrieve your Google Voice phone number.



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