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7 Best Tactics to Promote Your Podcast Online

Are you making a podcast?  If yes then you can promote Your Podcast Online. This is the time to promote your efforts. To popularize your podcast, you need to follow a few steps. Here we are going to give you some intelligent tactics to promote your products online.

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Best Tactics to Promote Your Podcast Online
Best Tactics to Promote Your Podcast Online

Seven effective tactics to popularize your podcast online 

Launch your podcast with at least 3 to 5 episodes

 These are the primary tips; apply them at the beginning. It would help if you prepared a minimum of 3 to 5 episodes ready before launching your podcast. It will be beneficial when people come across your podcast.

After listening to your podcast, your listeners want to explore more episodes. This strategy helps you to make a potential audience base from the beginning.

Launching a single episode is risky; the new listener would drop off as the single episode is never considered to be memorable enough. Launch your podcast with multiple episodes at the beginning, and follow consistency at regular intervals.

After getting many listeners, you will get the opportunity to catch the attention of podcasts players like Google Play Music and iTunes to be highlighted on their front pages.

These are the platform where people come to listen to thought-provoking podcasts. Inspire your listeners to give a rating, review of your podcast. Getting a spot-on iTunes, Google Play Music is a bit difficult, but it would be a significant boon for you and your listeners.

Consider your launch as an event, create buzz as much as possible.

Make the way of social media promotion

 Social media is a great platform to share your creative content to promote podcast online in different formats such as text, video, podcasts, images. These platforms are best because the audience used to spend more time online.

You have to choose your platforms according to the categories of your podcast.

For example, B2B marketing podcasts get a lot of engagement on the LinkedIn platform, whereas podcasts related to politics is best to promote on Twitter.

You can share your podcasts across multiple social media network

  • Create an eye-catching graphic design using Canva, and pin it to Pinterest
  • You can tweet to the top of your Twitter page showing your latest episode
  • Make an Instagram story to show some real behind the scene incident of your podcast
  • Create a mini audio treasure, and post it into the Instagram
  • Make your personal FB page, and go live, talk about your upcoming episodes.

Social media has great potential. So, it would help if you worked on it.

Easy sharing options

It depends on the type of your podcast. However, now the interview-style podcast is gaining popularity. So, it is an excellent scope to use this format. Once your interview session is done, make the podcast live. Reach out to your guest and encourage them to share. In this way, your podcasts will reach their existing audience.

You must include the following things in your podcast:

  • Pre-created graphics with a meaningful quote
  • Attractive social media post to promote your podcast
  • Pre-written email alerts

You can leverage the potential of email marketing once the podcast is live, send a notification to your audience via email, and give a polite nudge to share.

Transform podcast to YouTube video

Repurposing your audio content into video content is a unique way to promote your content. YouTube is a great platform to upload your video content. In this digital world, YouTube which is an online video streaming platform has become the second-largest search engine after Google. So, here you get additional followers of your podcast.

Adding your audio to YouTube will give you multiple benefits, such as,

  • Closed captioning
  • Auto video transcription facilities
  • Your video will come on the SEO result of google & YouTube
  • You have over-and-above video content to promote in the social media network

Create a partnership with Spotify

Podcast directories are the modern approach make your show in front of a new audience. People love to listen to your podcast across different apps. The most familiar podcast platform is Apple podcasts. But you can make partnerships with other media, including Google Play, Spotify, Podbay, SoundCloud, Podbean, TuneIn, Overcast, stitcher. There are different podcast directories available. You can submit your audio to these platforms. Google Podcasts and Spotify are great options since these platforms carry a significant amount of monthly audience.

Optimize each episode with SEO

You can add encapsulated audio of each episode, transcriptions, and notes. Google has presently started SEO ranking of audio content, So you have to put efforts into SEO. Try to make SEO-friendly podcasts to get more organic traffic on your podcast online media.

Run give away

People love free stuff, so run give away such as a discount on your product, 30 minutes of consulting time, books in your similar niche. After giving away what people generally leave on iTunes, these reviews work as the best social proof to enrich your podcast.

To establish your online podcast, you can take the help of SEO company India. An SEO executive can guide you from scratch and advocate for you to get many followers in your social channels network.



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