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4 Rules To Find And Choose The Best Dog Trainer For Your Pet

Just like us humans, every dog has a different personality and quirks. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to help your dog to become a well-behaved species. You can hire a dog trainer for the same process. If you want a little help on how to shortlist the best dog trainer in Long Island, keep reading.  

Ask for trainer’s certification

There are many gifted dog trainers out there who aren’t certified but still do their job very well―and honestly, there are no hard-and-fast rules that indicate that a certified dog trainer is an expert. But having a certification ensures that the trainer you are hiring has passed some minimum requirements, has spent some hands-on hours with other dogs, and has access to knowledge on common dog behaviors and how to handle it. A proper certification also makes the trainer accountable for some basic guidelines and standards, which you can research. There are different types of dog certification out there, research well to know what your trainers have.

Check out the trainer’s experience

Another important rule to keep in mind while hiring a dog trainer in Long Island is to check their level of experience. The length of years a dog trainer has served professional training doesn’t determine his/her ability, but it is a filter that can influence your decision. Some trainers have less training experience professionally but can have good skills, for instance, maybe a great trainer for a basic training class. In fact, new trainers often bring energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to the class that a professional trainer who has taught for a long period may have lost. So, it is up to you if you want to choose a newbie or an experienced one. 

Should have an insurance

Every professional trainer who is working with a dog at home or in a classroom should have dog training insurance. This insurance is a must in case of any accident that happens when he or she is taking the class with your dog. If they don’t have any insurance, you may be counted for the accident that happens during the training period at your home. So, when you are looking for a dog trainer, check if they have indicated their insurance on their portal and should be able to provide proof. Some trainers are bonded, this works too. 

Lets you be a part of the training

There is nothing wrong if the trainer asks you to drop[ off your dog in order to start the training. Many trainers do that because a dog may behave very differently in the presence of its owner and can reflect some bad habits. But keeping you as a part of training means they work closely with the owner to identify the issues and behavioral problems so that you can change them too while your dog is working on its part. 

Keep these tips in mind while selecting a dog trainer for your pet.



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