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10 Signs Your Workplace is Toxic

Working in a firm requires a lot of dedication and painstaking efforts, but what if you’re giving all of yourself and still receiving some toxicity in return? Yes! Toxicity, you heard it right. Your workplace may be toxic for many reasons. It’s not always the right place you’re working in, it can be a career mistake if you keep on working for the same toxic firm. 

Let us give you some alarming signs if your workplace is actually toxic. It’s a tough thing to admit that your office culture may be toxic. But recognizing the symptoms and finding the cure for them can be a nice try to improve morale, control, and fruitfulness. Let’s get started. 


 Behavior Issues

The first main thing that can be identified at the first look is the behavior. Good behavior is always remembered and this goes the same for the bad one. Sadly, many offices nowadays do not focus on their employee’s behavior toward other workers. Maltreating juniors or peons, too much favoritism, or injustice between non-professional written resumes or professionally written resumes by cheap resume writers in San Francisco. Insulting behavior of managers towards the team may lead to the extreme downfall of the company. So if you’re working at a firm where behavioral issues have no priority at all and you are treated less, if there is a lack of communication between the employees and managers, then it’s obviously a toxic culture. If there is so much politics happening against you or other workers if it’s a gossiping counter where everyone backbites, then it’s disrespectful to everyone and so it’s too toxic.   


 Lack of Accountability:

Now this symptom destroys the whole team. Lack of accountability may include if workers are continuing to arrive late or leave early, pending their tasks again and again, and irresponsible behavior towards the workload. No fear of deadlines or late submission of sheets, this makes the whole environment full of inactivity and dullness and there you can see the company can not grow because of this toxic and irresponsible attitude. Employees no longer stay loyal to their work and this marks the downfall of the firm.


 Discriminatory Beliefs:

Discrimination can occur at any workplace and it can be of many kinds, like religious discrimination, age discrimination, sexism, race, color, or many, etc. the owner should be aware of the fact that discrimination will generate a very unpleasant environment for the employees and so this crime will become routine. The rule against discrimination should be followed strictly and penalty charges should apply to those who break it. No firm can tolerate discrimination or any kind of bullying. It is better to leave such an uncomfortable environment. This is what makes a workplace extremely toxic!


 No Recovery Strategy:

It’s not always good luck, some days are bad too. When a company reaches a high level, there are still chances of downfall or minor mistakes can lead to big losses.  So when a company goes through a failure, those are extremely bad days not only for the owners but also for the workers. There should always be a recovery strategy for situations like that. Without this, it will take years to adjust that loss and this will cause huge issues between the owners and workers. Fixing is better than crying over the happenings, so if your workplace is never prepared for the failures and it causes you delay of salary or uninformed deduction, this is highly toxic.


 Inequality for Employees:

This is totally in the hands of the owners to maintain a toxicity-free environment. The office rules should apply to every employee. If someone is your relative or your family friend or if you personally like someone’s efforts and abilities, still treating your favorite people differently will cause a lot of inequality to other staff. The office environment should be free of favoritism or special treatments to some specific ones. Inequality is toxic because it disturbs your work status along with your personal dedication.


 Conflicts Between the Workers:

How can you work easily when your team workers are your opponents? When politics are happening against you and someone having conflicts with you is continuously targeting to harm you. This war between the employees should be earlier before it’s too late. The managers should take notice of this and warn their workers to stay out of any conflict during work hours. Toxicity will not let you work the way you can do if the toxic person is not going to stop, you should quit your job from that workplace. 


 No Gratitude for the Employees:

As I have mentioned above, every workplace requires a lot of dedication and hard work to grow and it’s done by the constant efforts of responsible employees. There should be a  method of showing gratitude to the workers that they are performing really well. A workplace where workers are not considered important or not treated well can have a bad impact on their work. This makes the team less motivated towards the task and so the performances start to fail. Employees need to be encouraged and appreciated, and if your office is demanding continuous efforts and nonstop work and still questioning your performance, this is intolerable and highly toxic.


 Only Boss Mind Can Rule:

This is something totally sick when you have no right to share your opinions about any project or assignment. You guys treated like robots or dummies who have points of view or ideas. This can lead to blind following of certain orders and it makes you unable to work on your own and damages your confidence to believe in your ideas. This kind of toxicity can ruin your creativity.


 No Work-Life Balance:

Any firm that does not allow employees to have a work-life balance is completely responsible for spreading such a toxic environment. During this pandemic, the significance of work-life balance is highly raised that the ignored poor work-life balance came into notice. In this time period, it is disgusting to serve a workplace where your well-being is considered least important and you have to mark your task done at any risk.


Your Payment is Always Late:

The most troubling habit a company can have is making an employee’s payment late. It happens because they consider you to wait and ask daily, for your salary that’s required to get paid at first priority. A company that doesn’t care about a worker’s expenses and his/her needs and makes him/her paid late is going to destroy its productivity soon. If such toxicity continues to happen at a workplace, write down your resignation note right now because this firm is not capable of affording your sincerity. 

Sabeen Mir
Sabeen Mir is a digital marketeer, blogger, and entrepreneur. He loves to write on topics like digital marketing, health, fitness, lifestyle and life hacks where he can share his experience and knowledge with others.


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