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Keep The Pies Fresh And Delicious In The Custom Pie Boxes

The food industry is one of the top and most profitable industries in the world. The baked food industry is a sub-food-industry whose popularity is increasing all over the world day by day, especially in the USA. Pie is one of the top-selling and trendy edibles in the bakery shops. Consequently, these delicate products need extensively careful packaging that can protect them from internal and external harmful factors. Custom pie boxes are the perfect option for these products.

Renowned bakery product-selling brands use these boxes for packaging their pie products. These products are commonly used on different occasions, festivals, parties, events, and on weekends. In addition, pies come in different varieties that are packed in customized pie packaging boxes.

Different Types Of Pies In The Bakery Shop

Below are some of the top types of pie products that are popular among consumers and have good market sales:

  • Apple pie
  • Blueberry pie
  • Cherry pie
  • Peach pie
  • Cream pie
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pot pie
  • Pizza pie
  • Strawberry pie
  • Apple pie
  • Pear pie
  • Vanilla pie
  • Chocolate pie
  • Cream pie
  • And others

Vital Features Of Custom Pie Boxes – Bakery Brands’ Need

Custom pie boxes for sweet pies have many features that help protect the products in the box and attract more customers to the product, leading to a sales boost. However, below are some of the top benefits of using pie product boxes that help in growing the bakery brand’s market popularity and ensuring the products’ protection in boxes.

1- Custom Pie Boxes: Made Of Durable And Food Grade Materials

Sturdy and protective packaging is a must for edibles. All the top-ranking brands always create durable custom pie boxes wholesale packaging to ensure their products’ protection in boxes. For these boxes’ production, paper stocks are the best that provide extensive protection to the delicate product. Furthermore, Kraft and cardboard materials are perfect options for creating bakery product boxes. These stocks are food-grade that can withstand the product’s high temperature and keep it fresh and tasty for a long time.

2- Custom Pie Boxes: Eco-Friendly And Economic Packaging Boxes

Paper-made boxes are cost-effective options for low-budget brands that make it affordable for all types of brands, from renowned companies to newly arrived brands in the baked food market. In addition, due to being paper stocks, they are sustainable and don’t add toxic elements to the environment. They keep nature safe from pollutant elements and packaging waste. That’s the main reason behind the increasing popularity of Kraft-made custom pie boxes in the bakery food market.

3- Easily Customizable In And Product Box Design

Pie box packaging is easy to personalize in any shape, box size, design, and embellishments according to your own design needs and considering the product quality. For example, you can use a small box for a single pie or a big size box for placing multiple pies in the same box with inserts. In addition, for delivery purposes, you can create pie shipping boxes that are made of cardstock and have polystyrene (PS) foam inserts with top & bottom pads. PS (a petroleum product) is a polymer that is made from the monomer styrene.

4- Display Products & Promote Them, Among Others

Product presentation and promotion are also mentionable benefits of using pie product boxes. Custom Pie boxes with window features allow customers to see the product from inside the box and analyze the product quality. These boxes play a key role in making a good liaison between customers and the brand and help spread brand awareness in the market.

5- Attract Customers With Their Catchy Box Design

In the market, different types of pie are popular among people, and chocolate pie is one of them. Brands create chocolate boxes wholesale packaging using unique and catchy designs. Consequently, they attract customers to the product and urge them to buy it on the spot due to their fascinating box designs. By using the specific brand logo and suitable color scheme, you can set your pie products apart from the rest in the competition. There is another interesting idea for you to use custom triangle boxes wholesale to make it more interesting for your customers. 

6- Come With Handy & Functional Additional Options

Convenience is a key to satisfying your customers with your packaging boxes. You can create eye-grabbing custom pie boxes with essential details. These details educate your target customers about your brand and the product. Easy box opening styles provide customers with a good user experience that plays a key part in setting your products apart from the rest. In addition, you can use perfect finishes to make your product boxes shine in the bakeries and impress your customers with your professional product packaging.

To Sum Up The Whole Blog

Above are some of the top and beneficial features of custom pie boxes that make them the best bakery product packaging solution. By using these bakery food product boxes, you can keep your product safe in the packaging and get more sales for your brand. Consequently, that way, you can easily grow your business and gain a remarkable place in the highly competitive baked food marketplace.



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