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Total hip replacement is a treatment in which damaged parts of the hip joints are removed, and artificial components made up of metal, ceramic, or plastic are inserted with the help of surgical intervention.

Regarding total hip replacement surgery, Dr Rajesh Malhotra is the most experienced and best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi who uses the most modern medical treatment approaches with advanced technologies to treat damaged parts of the hip joints. 

Let us learn more about total hip replacement and its procedures for keeping healthy

What is Total Hip Replacement?

Total hip replacement is a surgical intervention to relieve hip joint pain. Hip joint pain is caused by the ball and socket joints, formed with the help of the femoral, acetabulum, and pelvis.

What is Total Hip Replacement
What is Total Hip Replacement

These artificial components help cope with the patient’s pain and help their hip correctly with a full range of motion. Total hip replacement is also termed arthroplasty, and the treatment becomes the perfect option to get relief from the long-term pain of the hips.

One of the most common reasons behind total hip replacement is arthritis, which damages different joints and fragments of the hip and ball-socket joints.

Dr. Rajesh Malhotra could be the best option for people looking for the best surgical intervention for hip replacement.

He is one of Delhi’s most recognized hip replacement surgeons. He has been awarded and reviewed by many senior surgeons and has treated many patients.

When is surgery for Total Hip Replacement recommended?

When the use of medicines and home treatment options fails, along with your previous surgical intervention being unsuccessful in getting you relief from hip joint pain, then total hip placement is recommended.

Total Hip Replacement Procedure

  • The initial procedure in THR is to place the patient who is suffering from hip pain under anesthesia. Throughout this time, medical professionals ensure the patient is completely numb from the waist down to the lower limbs. 
  • The surgeons use an incisional method at the patient’s hip joints to check for any fractured bones and damaged hip joints after the anesthetic process has taken effect.
  • The patient’s fractured bones and sections are removed in the next phase, and the surface is ready for the artificial components to be settled.
  • Instead of inserting that metal stem through the middle of the femur, the head that sits on top of the ball socket joint is attracted. The metal stem maintains the hip and holds the artificial ball in place. A metal cup is used as the hip socket to reshape and line the injured regions of the acetabulum. 
  • Usually made up of ceramic or metal, the artificial ball is attached directly to the metal stem to form a new femoral head for the hip. As a result, the metal cup fits precisely onto the acetabulum. Many surgeons additionally insert plastic liners between the metal ball and socket joints to enhance hip mobility and smoothness.
  • The surgeon will evaluate the hip joints’ range of motion and stability after all prosthesis parts are properly and securely implanted and operating as planned. The surgeons next carry out a final procedure in which they close the incision using staples or sutures and dress the individual’s hip wounds.
  • The patient is closely watched to ensure recovery before moving to a hospital bedroom for further treatment.

Recovery after THR

Following proper surgery, the individual is kept under close observation for physical rehabilitation or recovery. Moreover, the patient performs many balance exercises to improve hip strength, range of motion, flexibility, and function.

After that, physical therapists help patients adjust their range of motion and progressively gain the ability to walk and engage in other forms of exercise. Dr. Rajesh Malhotra, considered among the best surgeons in Delhi, is the best option for you if you are looking for physical therapists for your treatment. 

Why Choose Dr Rajesh Malhotra for Total Hip Replacement?

Dr Rajesh Malhotra is one of the greatest orthopedic surgeons and the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi for total hip replacement. He addresses patients and customers with full safety, comfort, and proper measurements while ensuring no harm to the patient in any of the processes. 

At his clinic, experienced healthcare staff and nurses are present who treat patients very precisely. Additionally, a wide range of surgical treatment options with modern equipped machines are available at a low cost and with recovery insurance. 

Apart from treating hip joints, Dr Rajesh Malhotra, who is recognized to be the best Orthopedic surgeon in Delhi, treats several other joint injuries such as sports injuries, knee injuries, and other different joint disorders of the body are also being treated.



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