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Tips to Choose The Best Abortion Centre in Delhi

A medical termination of pregnancy, commonly referred to as abortion, is the term used to describe the method that ends a pregnancy with the help of healthcare providers and medical professionals.

Abortion is carried out before the fetus achieves its reproductive state. This is one of the most significant and basic procedures that is carried out with great care and takes into account a variety of healthcare addresses and consequences.

Tips to Find the Best Abortion Centre in Delhi

At one of the top abortion centre in Delhi, Sehgal Nursing Home, we from the start of the treatment, will see you right through the end of your treatment. We believe that your complete and ideal reproductive health is our top concern. Proper care, cost, effectiveness, and transparency are also our top goals at our clinic at Sehgal Nursing Home.

Find the Best Abortion Centre in Delhi
Find the Best Abortion Centre in Delhi

With its establishment in 1979, Sehgal Nursing Home has been privileged to display over 50,000 baby deliveries with pride. Thousands of couples without children who come to this nursing home for treatment are allowed to have their desire to become parents fulfilled. 

Dr. Ruchi Malhotra has taken over as the effective operator of this establishment. She is equally talented, committed, and hardworking and has an undeniable faith in providing her clients with the best outcomes.

At Sehgal Nursing Home, we provide a variety of treatments for couples going through infertility, such as PCOS, gynecology, hymenoplasty, and infertility treatment. Sehgal Nursing Home addresses over 2000 workers, over 250 healthcare providers, and over 10,000 prescription medications for pregnancy overall.

Our team of competent and dedicated experts, healthcare providers, and experienced medical staff is available 24 × 7. It is an adequate and top priority of Sehgal Nursing Home, the best abortion centre in Delhi to rigorously address your wants and requirements in an on-time and efficient manner.

Abortion Cost at Sehgal Nursing Home

The lowest possible price for an abortion at Sehgal Nursing Home may go up to 75,000. The average cost of abortion usually ranges between 40,000 and 45,000.

The estimated cost of an abortion at Sehgal Nursing Home generally varies based on the women’s respective weeks of pregnancy. The Medically Terminating Act of 1971 allows the termination of an undesirable pregnancy for a maximum duration of 24 weeks. One of the most important things is to understand how your choices will impact the way you handle your money for abortion treatment. 

Why Sehgal Nursing Home is the best abortion Centre in Delhi

A group of experts and health care providers at Sehgal Nursing Home, one of the most significant abortion centre in Delhi, connect you in contact with the best medical professionals and health care providers according to your requirements and specifications. Along with experiencing satisfaction, you’ll also experience many benefits, such as the ones listed below.

  • Every patient at our clinic wit gets constant assistance with the clinic information system along with suitable treatment and tact, and supporters will be on hand at all times to assist you with your pregnancy termination requirements.
  • We provide the most modern equipment and proficient healthcare providers’ importance when ending the pregnancy.
  • We provide a flexible EMI option for individuals who cannot cover the expenses at one time, which helps people manage their finances accordingly. 


According to the Medically Terminating of Pregnancy Act, scientific techniques that strictly conform to ethical behavior, regulations, and moral principles will be utilized to terminate pregnancies in a medically acceptable manner.

Sehgal Nursing Home, which is among the biggest and best abortion centre, India, employs an outstanding medical staff who offer women looking for MTP procedure/abortion therapy the most helpful medical services and hands-on expertise.



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