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7 Reasons Why brands should Sale through Livestream Shopping?

Business Products Should sell through Live Streaming ? is a question in this digital eCommerce digital world where technology is bringing us exciting developments at an escalating rate, avoiding the urge to be a prompt adopter of new technology is often the sensible move — especially for a brand owner.

Early adopters are the first to profit if the technology prospers, but they’re also the ones who fail if it crashes. Hence brands should be very careful when they devote their money and time.

But in 2021, dipping your toes in live video shopping is a no-brainer. Including a Live Shopping solution in your business strategy can be the best move for your business. In this blog, we will decode why brands should sell live.

Why brands should Sale through Live Stream Shopping
Why brands should Sale through Live Stream Shopping

what is LiveStream Shopping?

Live stream shopping is the way of selling products online with live streaming with the customers. It can be said as virtual online shopping.  It offers the live consumers to be engage to buy the products online by  simply clicking and filling a virtual shopping cart process.

Livestream shopping  contanis two  aspects simply. One is  the way of  putting digital retailers in front of  online audience while  second is to  allowing them to respond  to buys the products and service.

It’s has been highly effective in the developed countries like US, China and many more coutries with making millions and billions of sales this method . Taobao live streaming in china, instagram live stream shopping , facbebook live stream shopping are one of the emerging live streaming shopping all over the world.

List of Popular Livestream shopping Platfoms

These are new coming up popular live stram shoppings where you can do the online live video shopping with the lots of followers. 

Taobao Live stream shopping facebook livestream shopping
Taobao Live stream shopping facebook livestream shopping
  1. Taobao livestream shopping

  2. Instagram livestream shopping

  3. Facebook livestream shopping

  4. Nordstrom livestream shopping

  5. amazon livestream shopping

  6. Popship Live video shopping

  7. Buywith LIve Online shopping

  8. Bambsure  live video shopping

  9. Live Scale video shopping

  10. NTWRK live Shopping


Why brands should sell through Live Streaming ?

Now lets go Why brands should sell through Live Streaming. In this digital world it has become the target shopping by staying at home. These are the some of the major resason why the brands and the products should go live stream .

1. Livestream e-commerce can help build trust towards your brand

Customers usually relate trustworthiness with quality and great service. This is why being relatable is vital for a brand on online shopping.

Today with so many brands coming up every single day, it is challenging for brands to reflect trustworthiness. For this, they are required to showcase their “human” side which further builds relationships with audiences.

During a live shopping show, you will be communicating with viewers in an unfiltered way which makes viewers feel like they are participating in a more authentic interaction.

Thus live-streaming shopping is a way for brands to increase their perceived trustworthiness leading to greater influence among consumers.


2. Livestream e-commerce attracts Millennials

Millennials have embraced video commerce and they spend hours consuming live content. Furthermore, live commerce as a medium is much more convenient and accessible hence youth today is attracted to this trend. Brands are well aware of these facts and hence are leveraging live online shopping platforms to promote their products to those outside of their traditional reach i.e the Millennials.


3. Live streaming e-commerce reflects transparency

Business transparency is a concern for buyers as it impacts buyer trust and accountability. Reflecting transparency leads to more loyal customers and building a strong brand image. Live stream shopping can be an effective way to show processes and interactions that are normally hidden from buyers’ view.

Such processes involve manufacturing or production processes, behind the scenes, company culture, etc. Showing all this in real-time can contribute to buyers’ trust which can eliminate potential traces of authenticity.


4. Live shopping helps you understand your target audience

With a live shopping solution, you can customize your content based on analytic reports. This gives you a clear idea of who to target for your live shopping shows in the future. Hence a live stream shopping platform can be utilized as a very focused marketing strategy.


When you deliver your content to a target audience they are more likely to convert into customers. This is also cost-effective as it brings in leads at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise incur for other marketing strategies.

Hence with features like analytics tracking, live commerce can help brands to keep track of the trends in buyers’ behavior and content preferences.

5 Live streaming e-commerce Delivers engaging content

The content that is delivered during a live shopping show can be very stimulating to watch because watchers don’t always know what is going to happen next. Viewers enjoy the sense of uncertainty and anticipation.

Here are a few things that you can do to make your live show engaging and interactive:

  • Host Live spontaneous session to answer questions about the brand
  • Do a live product demonstration
  • Share your expertise and give your audience your best tips related to your industry
  • Host Live Q&A session
  • Show your manufacturing or production plant
  • Host live tutorials
  • Invite influencers to be part of your live show
  • Offer flash sales and coupons
  • Host Live, in-person, interviews
  • Host giveaways and live contest
  • Take your customers behind the scenes
  • Reward your customers
  • Collaborate with industry experts


6. Live commerce Offers more opportunities for interactions


Live streaming for retail works best when viewers can immediately interact with a host of a show.  Such shows can facilitate engagement as audiences can ask questions and hosts reply to them immediately.

This sense of immediate feedback increases a feeling of connection between a brand and its customers. Hence by communicating quickly you can build trust in the eyes of viewers. Furthermore, this strong connection will enable a host to have a greater impact on the opinions of their followers.


7. Live streaming e-commerce broadens your reach

Live streaming shopping can help you reach more audiences because it favors live content. Hence, the chance of your audiences seeing it on their newsfeed is higher than if you share an image or a video on demand. Because of this increased exposure, brands can gain more leads or get more customers.

Furthermore, when you promote your live shopping show on various social media platforms it gets easier for people to find out about your brand and its offerings.


Wrapping it up

As you can see, Live stream shopping offers endless opportunities! The key is to adopt this trend as soon as possible, build up a large customer base, generate more sales and offer improved experiences.

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