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Is swimming effective for weight loss or Makes Weight ?

Is swimming effective for weight loss? How long to swim to lose belly fat? Here are the secrets to losing weight with swimming!

It’s decided, you really want to lose weight. The motivation is there and you have chosen swimming to help you lose weight because you know that the key to success lies in physical activity. So well done!

But when you start you have a doubt, does swimming make you lose weight? Have you chosen the right sport? How long does it take to swim to lose weight? To support you, I answer all your questions and give you some tips to achieve your goals.

Is swimming effective for weight loss or Makes Weight
Is swimming effective for weight loss or Makes Weight

So dear extra pounds, shake, we’re going for a swim!

Is swimming effective for weight loss?


Let’s not let the suspense last any longer and rest assured, swimming and lifeguard class is an excellent sport for losing weight. To be exact, it is not the swimming itself that will allow you to lose fat and refine your body but the energy expended. You can take it as sports and there are swimming weight workouts as well.

The good news is, swimming is one of the most energy-intensive sports! Count around 400 calories burned for an hour of moderate-speed swimming, and you can climb up to 900 calories during an intense swimming session. So go ahead and get ready to say goodbye to your love handles!

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Do you have pain in your knees, joints, or back? So once again swimming is really the sport for you because it stretches your limbs, your back and poses no risk to your joints. So you can swim almost every day if you want to, without the risk of injury.

Of course, we advise you to consult a doctor for your daily pain, the advice of a professional is essential! It also works the whole body, you lose weight in your stomach, thighs, arms … for a well-proportioned silhouette. And since it is practiced in the water (yes, we really learn it every day) your movements are subjected to a slight resistance which makes it possible to strengthen all your muscles.

Did you know? Strengthening your muscles and  physical activity increases your metabolism. So even at rest, your muscles need more energy and you consume more calories every day. Also note that after a good swimming session, your body will continue to burn calories for several hours. In short, you have understood it, your session at the swimming pool is a great ally for losing weight.



Regular, long-lasting efforts are much more effective than hard efforts. So no need to swim for 2 hours in a row, you may get bored and no longer want to put your toe in the pool, especially if you return to sport or if you start swimming. So how long to swim to lose weight and how many times per week? Ideally, we recommend that you swim for 40 minutes 3-4 times a week.

If you are in the process of resuming sport, do not swim for more than an hour (that suits you, right? :)) because resuming sport will increase your appetite and you may eat too much after your sessions and not to see the results of all your efforts.


Yes, we are not going to lie to you, there is no miracle! To lose weight, swimming like all sports must be accompanied by a suitable diet. We are not talking about a drastic diet here, but a monitored and balanced diet.

Choose seasonal vegetables and fruits, not to mention starches and proteins. Do not neglect any meal, the right balance is 3 meals a day and above all avoid snacking which may ruin your efforts. 1 packet of cakes eaten, and presto it’s as if you had not done your swimming session …

Come on, it’s worth changing your habits and I know you can do it! You do not know where to start? So do not hesitate to consult a dietitian who will accompany you in your process and help you adopt the right actions.


To last in the long term, it is important that swimming is or becomes a pleasure. So vary the strokes depending on the parts of the body you want to work on. And with the variety of exercises out there, I promise, you won’t be able to get bored!

Breathing, synchronization of movements, vision, landmarks … in the water everything is turned upside down and swimming is a sport that can seem complicated when you start it.

So, if you can’t swim without stopping, don’t panic, it’s totally normal, take the time to take breaks. Little by little you will be able to swim longer and longer, be patient. Also remember to hydrate yourself well, during the effort because, like all sportsmen, the swimmer loses water.

In order not to get dehydrated, drink water every 15 minutes or so and in small sips. But it is also important to drink plenty of water before and after your session as well as throughout the day. Indeed, studies have suggested that there could be a link between poor hydration and weight gain.

You can also drink a large glass of water before your meals, you hydrate yourself while filling your stomach which will allow you to reduce the feeling of hunger.

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Do you want to lose weight on your stomach? So you have the choice because whatever swim you choose, your abdominal strap will be extremely strained. The swimming weight loss workout that is most effective for the stomach is the famous swimming butterfly but is also the most technical, so not ideal if you’re new. So prefer waving swimming and kicking the legs.

For example, here is an easy leg kicking exercise to work your abs: with a plank, walk 1 length on the stomach, 1 length on the back then 1 length on the side and repeat the whole 3 times.

Get the concrete abs with this swimming exercise! Despite their pretty name, you can’t stand your “ love handles ” anymore? It is the cardio exercises that will help you the most, so focus on the front crawl and back crawl because the arm movements particularly require the oblique.

The breaststroke also allows you to work on the hip area and the inner thighs, areas that are often difficult to reach in other cardio sports.


It is not just diet that can make you gain weight, other factors can be responsible such as stress which secretes hormones that promote weight gain. Mainly involved is cortical which is produced when the body feels “in danger”.

Its role is physiological to store energy to allow the body to escape danger or to hold out for a period without food. But in chronic stress, everything is out of order, cortisol is continuously secreted and stores fat around the waist. So to lose weight and keep it off you have to relax.

Swimming is a sport 2 in 1 both cardio and relaxing! Is that possible? And yes thanks to the water! The sounds of the water, its movements on your skin, the flotation, this feeling of lightness will allow you to release all the tensions of a stressful day.

And the little extra surprise you weren’t expecting is that swimming will also create wellness-related endorphins and if you swim in the evening it will allow you to sleep better. You will never cease to be amazed at the benefits of swimming!

You now have all the answers to your questions. Oh no, one more question? So leave it in the comment, we will answer you with pleasure.

Swimming will become your best ally to lose weight. You will feel better in your body, in great shape, and in good health!

So ready? Dive! and Swimming effectively to Burn Calories and get weight loss !!




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