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5 Wine Cellar Myths Busted – Know the Right Facts Before Home Wine Cellar Design

“In wine, there is wisdom”

And in the right wine cellar, you can store all the wisdom of the earth. So, when you are planning to have a wine cellar at your home, it is surely a worthy investment. Well, many people invest in artifacts to show their taste in class and sophistication. But the problem is that the appeal of such things can fade. But the appeal and grandeur the wine cellar will bring to your house and its interior will be timeless.

So, if you are already considering having one of the best wine cellars in Houston at your home, then you are surely on the right track. Now, while designing such a grand asset for your home, you need to know about all the necessary factors.

Also, you need to know about the myths associated with wine cellars, wine storage, and wine cellar doors to create the best cellar for your bottled beauties. So, in the following points, you will find the myths about wine cellars and the truths to bust them. Take a look.

Myth 1:

Wine Cellars Have To Be In Basement

Even though every time you think of a wine cellar, you imagine a dimly lit basement storing bottles or barrels of wine, a cellar is not always in the basement. “Wine cellar” is an all-inclusive term that describes an area that is climate-controlled and designed to store wine. Now, that can be at any place in your home.

In fact, according to the eminent wine cellar designers, only 5 to 10% of the customers opt for a basement cellar. And no, for climate control, you can do it artificially anywhere you would like. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a basement in your modern house. You can have a custom wine cellar anyway.

Myth 2:

Wines In A Cellar Are Ready To Serve

No, they are not. When you are building a wine cellar in your home and storing your wine bottles inside, the optimal temperature of the place should be 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, this is certainly not the ideal temperature for serving your wine. Hence, it is always suggested that you keep the wine after bringing it out of your home wine cellar so that it can come to normal room temperature. This is the reason, often wine cellar builders suggest that you should get a wine cabinet where you will store the wine for ready-to-serve purposes.

Myth 3:

Keep Your Few Wine Bottles in Refrigerator

Again, this is another myth that one should never follow. If you have opened a bottle of white wine and planning to finish it by the next couple of days, then yes, you can keep it in your refrigerator.

But this is certainly not the option for long-term storage. Also, a refrigerator doesn’t offer the right environment for wine to age properly. Hence, invest in a wine cellar, install wooden or wrought iron wine racks or custom wine racks, and let the wine attain the right taste and aroma.

Myth 4:

A Climate Controlled Cellar Doesn’t Need Insulation

By the rules of physics, when one side of a door or a wall is cold, it produces condensation on the other side. This can result in rot and mold. So, when you are designing and building your wine cellar, you are creating an environment that is not as cold as a refrigerator.

Without proper insulation in your room, the outside air will come inside and create mold and rot, affecting the taste and health of your wine. So, for any wine cellar, insulation is a must.

Myth 5:

You Should Keep the Bottles Upright

This will be a huge mistake if you follow that. The bottles in your wine cellar should never be left in an upright position. That way, the cork will dry up leaving open space in the neck from where air can sip inside the bottle causing oxidization. That is why you are advised to buy iron wine racks to keep the bottles stacked on the side while the label remains up.

So, now that you know about these myths and the facts that bust them, keep them in mind when you are designing your home cellar.

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