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Why hire Wedding Marquees

 Choosing to have a marquee for your wedding has many positives to it. It creates a really special atmosphere for you both as well as for your guests. Wedding Marquees offer you a golden opportunity to take all of your dream plans and turn them into a reality.

Akin to a blank canvas, they are just like a stretch of beach or an empty loft space and you can turn them into a perfect wedding venue, fully furnished with electricity and luxury bathrooms.

When you decide to opt for a Wedding Marquee Hire, you can even turn simple spaces like your own back garden into a magical wedding space. Scroll through to know some of the key benefits of having a marquee for your wedding.

Key Benefits of a Wedding Marquee Hire :

(1) The Cost:

Marquee Wedding comes with many benefits, not least the cost. You can turn a low-cost space into the beautiful dream venue that you envisioned once you decide on a Wedding Marquee Hire.

(2) Accommodate a Larger Guest List:

You can easily accommodate larger numbers of people in Wedding Marquees. Unlike venues that set occupancy limits, with these marquees, there will be no restriction on your guest list. This becomes more pronounced if you are making use of the outside areas of an estate that has gardens and expansive lawns. In those cases, clear-span marquees can hold larger guests. But, make sure to discuss all your requirements with the company beforehand.

They are also a good option for smaller, intimate weddings.

(3) Fabricate an Idiosyncratic Celebration:

Creating a wedding from the ground up enables you to create a design that you and only your guests will experience. Once you decide on a Wedding Marquee Hire, you have the option to pick and choose things like chairs, tables, flooring, linen, etc. So, you can rest assured that the design of your wedding will be distinctive in itself, not having the same design as any other wedding.

You can also choose your desired location that is really special to you, once you choose to have a marquee for your wedding. Maybe you have a parent garden, or grandparents, or a family farm where you spent the summers. It can also be a friend’s place which means the world to you. You can pick the location of your choice and convert it into a meaningful wedding venue that fulfills your special day.

You also have the option to choose a themed wedding. With Wedding Marquees, you have complete control over the structure and design of the space which enables you to easily create a cohesive theme. Couples running the style throughout their wedding and choosing something special to them has led to themed weddings being on the rise nowadays.

(4) Enjoy more flexibility:

When you decide on a Wedding Marquee Hire, you enjoy better flexibility in terms of your overall wedding. Venue restrictions will not be a restriction for you. There are venues that often compel people to make use of their preferred supplier and you get very little chance to choose something different.

Everything starting from the chairs, crockery, cutlery, and glassware will always be the same. Your wedding will look exactly the same as all the previous weddings. Will that be special enough for you?

If there is lovely weather out there, you can raise the sides of the marquee. And, if the weather is slightly more inclement, you can keep them down. Thus, you enjoy total flexibility.

(5) Timing:

Once you have a marquee at a venue of your choice, you enjoy much more flexibility and relaxation with timings. You will not be bound to any time limit and you can also continue your weddings into the late hours of the night if you wish. So long the neighbors are happy with this, best put them on the guest list.

(6) Opportunity to connect to your environment:

Wedding Marquees are a little open, giving you a more immersive experience. If you are someone who loves Outdoor Weddings, this is an excellent opportunity for you. You also need not worry about the weather.

As the marquees provide a covered space that ensures that the guests are properly sheltered. So, if you are planning for an outdoor wedding, a slight drizzle would not spoil the fun.

(7) Enjoy the extras:

Once you consider a Wedding Marquee Hire, you benefit from a number of extra services which include interiors, exteriors, marquee decorations, and marquee accessories.

You can plan all the vital elements of your celebration in one go, with one company, making the entire process streamlined. When it comes to planning, you will have fewer people to communicate making the day much less stressful.

Key Takeaway:

Get the dream wedding you have been picturing with Wedding Marquees. Hire them to create wonderful homes for your special day. You just need to choose the interior design you like and leave the rest to them.








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