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Places to Park your Car in Paphos

Parking your car in Paphos is a pain, especially if you’re not from Paphos. Here is a list of the best places to park your car in Paphos if you’re visiting Paphos.

Paphos town is a small town in the Paphos District of Cyprus. The town is located in the Paphos District, one of eleven administrative districts in Cyprus. The population was approximately 11,192 at the 2011 census.

Paphos is a coastal city on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. There is the old Paphos, which is said to be the mythical birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, and the new Paphos, the modern city that sees tourists visiting in droves to admire its ancient architecture including ruins of tombs, fortresses, the Paphos archaeological park to name but a few.

But as you visit these attractions, you will appreciate the need for parking and Driving Lessons as you cannot move with your car everywhere. Let’s look at where you can park your car on your visit to Paphos.

Paid parking in Paphos

The paid parking zones in Paphos can further be categorized into long-stay and short-stay parking. Hermes airport parking in Paphos has both two options with each coming with different amenities. The long stay comes with an uncovered option or with a covered option. The short-stay options are nearest to the airport terminal. You can find many Park your Car in Paphos in paid form. 

Outside the airport, there are municipal and privately owned paid places for parking. The cost of parking will depend on how close they are to the city center, with the closest being the most expensive. You can easily recognize a municipal parking lot as they have a meter with a “PAY HERE” panel.

There are two types of parking meters you will come across. Those that give receipts and those that don’t. For those that give receipts, you drop coins until they match the amount you are supposed to pay for the duration you intend to park. Then you press a button to produce your receipt which you are supposed to place under your windshield.

Paid parking in Paphos with parking meter
Paid parking in Paphos with a parking meter

The meters that don’t give a receipt are usually found in small parking lots. They have a timer that starts counting as soon as you drop in coins matching the amount required for the period you intend to park.

Free parking in Paphos

The situation in Paphos is getting worse with the number of vehicles, especially the Tourist ones, that are taking up all the Parking in the City

In the airport, there are zones located opposite the terminal building entrances that can be used as pick-up and drop-off zones. Parking is free of charge for a 1 minute stop. For those with disabilities, their zones allow 5-minute free parking.

Blue parking card holders who are people with reduced mobility or disability have dedicated parking stalls near the airport entrances where they can park free for 120 minutes. Provided their blue parking card is displayed on their dashboard.

You can also park your car for free at a paid Park your Car in Paphos city on Sunday or overnight. Parking lots near shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels are free for their guests.

Where it is not allowed to Park your Car in Paphos ?

Paphos is a small town on the south coast of Cyprus. It is located on a narrow strip of land between the sea and the mountains, making it a very attractive holiday destination.

not allowed to park in Paphos
not allowed to park in Paphos

You are not allowed to park in the following areas:

  • Where there are two solid lines at the edge of a carriageway.
  • Under the “NO PARKING” sign.
  • On pavements.
  • On the highway.
  • Near traffic lights.
  • Close to a zebra crossing.
  • On a disabled parking spot yet you are not disabled.

Violations of the above attract a 150 euro fine.


When you visit Paphos you will notice the many parking options in the airport and also outside the airport. You can find the best place to Park your Car in PaphosWhether for a long stay or short stay, both municipal and privately owned car parks will have you sorted.

Paphos parking regulations are generally like those in other places, including not parking at a disabled spot. Violating the rules will see you pay fines or get your car towed.  Remember to keep the regulations in mind and enjoy Paphos.


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