Different Types of Samsung TV Prices in Nepal 2020

Samsung Television is the marked and quality TV all over the world. Samsung is regarded as the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs. they have targeted many varieties of televisions from the economical family to the high ranking family.  Samsung’s TVs are arguably the best of their kind. From simple LED TV to the high-and-fancy QLED and micro-LED ones, they exude quality & class. In Nepal as well, the company has been operating for decades while bringing out different models of their TVs at different price ranges.

Here is the list of different types of Samsung TV with their respective price listed as below. Source

Samsung LED TV Prices in Nepal

Samsung LED TV Model  SizePrice in Nepal 
UA24H4003ARSHE24-inches HDRs. 24,490
UA32N4003RSHE32-inches HDRs. 33,490
UA32N4000ARSHE32-inches HDRs. 41,990
UA32N4300ARSHE32-inches FHDRs. 47,690
UA40N5000ARSHE40-inches FHDRs. 56,390
UA43N5300ARSHE43-inches FHDRs. 74,090
UA49N5300ARSHE49-inches FHDRs. 87,290

Samsung TV Model NameTV TypePrice in Nepal
UA75NU8000KXHE (Series 8)75” Premium 4K LED TVRs. 6,99,990
QA55Q60RARXHE (Series 6)55” 4K UHD QLED TVRs. 3,10,990
QA55Q7FNARXHE (Series 7)55” 4K UHD QLED TVRs. 5,29,990
QA65Q60RARXHE (Series 6)65” 4K UHD QLED TVRs. 3,99,990
QA65Q7FNARXHE (Series 7)65” 4K UHD QLED TVRs. 7,89,990
UA43NU7100RSHE43” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 92,490
UA43RU7100RSHE43” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 92,490
UA49NU7100RSHE49” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 1,28,690
UA49RU7100RSHE49” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 1,28,690
UA55RU7100RSHE55” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 1,52,590
UA65NU7100RSHE65” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 2,29,990
UA65RU7100RSHE65” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 2,34,490
UA75RU7100RSHE75” 4K UHD LED TVRs. 5,13,990
UA24H4003ARSHE24” HD LED TVRs. 24,490
UA32N4003RSHE32” HD LED TVRs. 33,490
UA32N4000ARSHE32” HD LED TVRs. 41,990
UA32N4300ARSHE32” FHD LED TVRs. 47,690
UA40N5000ARSHE40” FHD LED TVRs. 56,390
UA43N5300ARSHE43” FHD LED TVRs. 74,090
UA49N5300ARSHE49” FHD LED TVRs. 87,290

Samsung UHD TV Prices 

Samsung UHD TV ModelSizePrice in Nepal 
UA43NU7100RSHE43-inches 4KRs. 92,490
UA43RU7100RSHE43-inches 4KRs. 92,490
UA49NU7100RSHE49-inches 4KRs. 1,28,690
UA49RU7100RSHE49-inches 4KRs. 1,28,690
UA55RU7100RSHE55-inches 4KRs. 1,52,590
UA65NU7100RSHE65-inches 4KRs. 2,29,990
UA65RU7100RSHE65-inches 4KRs. 2,34,490
UA75RU7100RSHE75-inches 4K​Rs. 5,13,990

Samsung QLED TV Prices

Samsung QLED TV ModelSizePrice in Nepal 
QA55Q60RARXHE (Series 6)55-inches 4KRs. 3,10,990
QA55Q7FNARXHE (Series 7)55-inches 4KRs. 5,29,990
QA65Q60RARXHE (Series 6)65-inches 4KRs. 3,99,990
QA65Q7FNARXHE (Series 7)65-inches 4KRs. 7,89,990

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