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Custom Mailer Boxes – Bundling as a new product introduction strategy

Bundling your products and selling two or more different products in a custom mailer box is widely practiced in the marketplace. The concept of bundling is not limited to tangible products, the services providing companies and intangible products are also sold in bundle offers.

For example, software companies may bundle a variety of software, such as Microsoft Windows operating system installs a series of additions such as IE, outlook express, accessories, and so on in one package. Standard dinner packages may include soup, salad, and entree, sometimes at discounted prices.

Custom Mailer Boxes Bundling as a new product introduction strategy Packaging republic
Custom Mailer Boxes Bundling as a new product introduction strategy Packaging republic

The role of bundle features and brand image

Bundling practices have spawned extensive attention from both the economic and the behavioral perspectives. Bundling can also play a critical role in new product introduction. A high-end established brand or seller can launch a new product on its own or promote this new product through bundling with an existing product in the custom mailer boxes as the custom Packaging Boxes

You can also introduce two similar products carrying a different brand name. For instance, LG launched its new Voyager phone by bundling exclusively with Verizon Wireless in 2007 in the US market.

A retailer can also practice bundling products with different brands. For instance, in an electronics store, you may see a bundle featuring a Sony TV and a Haier DVD player, where Sony is strong, and Haier is not as well-known in the US. In the service industry, bundles with different brands are even more common.

As an effective marketing strategy to exploit consumer surplus, bundling provides retailers opportunities to increase sales and profits. The expansive practice of bundling has generated substantial interest in considering how consumers evaluate bundles in marketing practices and strategies. Bundle packaging through custom mailer boxes can also positively affect the quality perception of the newly introduced product. 

The Packaging Republic believes that bundles composed of equally-priced goods or related components will result in higher purchase intentions. Consumer evaluation of an offer increases as component price information is bundled. In a similar vein, the effect of aggregation or segregation of price increases, finding that consumers respond more unfavorably to multiple price increases than a single price increase of an equal amount.


Bundling Products in Wholesale Mailer Boxes

It has been noticed that the consumers save a significant amount of shopping money by purchasing bundled products in wholesale mailer boxes, and the savings can be affected by bundle characteristics, for instance, the number of items in the bundle and the level of variation in the value of bundled items.

Despite the prevalence of product bundles in the marketplace, surprisingly, the strategy has not been used much by the brands and sellers. Read more the UK times.

Bundling packaging strategies feature a bundling effect on consumer evaluations of the individual brands, especially the new brand in a bundle. Another strategy that can successfully skyrocket your sales is introducing the complementarity of bundle products in wholesale mailer boxes—this strategy interplays in consumers’ evaluative process.

A new brand can also gain benefits from being bundled with a strong brand. Therefore, it is best to bundle your products, especially if you are launching a new product or product line.

For example, suppose you are a cosmetics brand selling body lotions that plan on launching its line of lipsticks and glosses. In that case, it is wise to sell your body lotion with complimentary lipstick in bindle packaging. By doing so, you will introduce your product and attract consumers with complementary products as well.




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