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Dealing with back pain through Ayurveda

 Believe it or not, our fast-paced lifestyle takes a heavy toll on our body – whether in the form of strained muscles, inflammation of the pelvic joints, or problems associated with our posture. In terms of Ayurveda in Melbourne, all this leads to an aggravated Vata! In extreme cases, the problem may even include radiating pain from the lower back to the legs.

This post discusses a few Ayurvedic treatments that can offer respite from recurring back pains.

Ayurveda: Back pain prevention exercises

Given the wide range of available Ayurvedic massage in Sydney, the choice of the process rests on you – your lifestyle, health habits, and more. However, you can practice certain preventive exercises to strengthen your core – exercises that’d keep back pain at bay.

  • Stretching exercises: Exercising regularly keeps people active. It heightens mobility and keeps people healthy. So, exercising regularly helps you in staying fit.


  • Avoid sitting idle for hours: Sitting in the same posture for an extended period of time gives rise to back pain. Thus, even when you are at work, taking short breaks every 35-40 minutes is an absolute must.


  • Avoid improper posture: We often tend to overlook our improper posture, but poor posture disrupts the optimal positioning of your back and can even lead to long-term issues.


  • Opting for Ayurvedic massage in Sydney: There are a number of massages that you can access through Ayurveda, ranging from self-massages to medicated ones that can fix your back’s condition.


Ayurvedic treatments for back pain

The Ayurvedic treatment designed to fix back pain is based on many aspects, such as one’s diet, herbal remedies, and even one’s lifestyle. While a change in lifestyle and massage therapies are aimed at maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, the other remedies are for reducing inflammation and relaxing the muscles.

Here are a few ways in which Ayurveda helps in dealing with back pain.

  • Your bad posture leads to a reduction in the intervertebral joint space. Thus, Panchakarma strengthens the bones and joints, while the herbal remedies address the Vata imbalance in the body.
  • Abhyanga is another notable Ayurvedic massage in Sydney. It is a massage done with warm medicated oil – one that brings relief from the back pain and even balances the doshas. Kati Vasti is also an effective form of treatment.
  • According to some Ayurveda practitioners, practicing Pranayama can balance the Vata dosha. In fact, a breathing exercise such as Anulom Viloma can also be of help.
  • When you choose Ayurveda in Melbourne to save you from a recurring back pain issue, you’d have to avoid refrigerated food and drinks. In fact, you’d be asked to consume warm, salty, and sour foods to balance the Vata.
  • For those struggling with a chronic back issue, Agnikarma can be of great help, where an instrument known as ‘Agnikarma Shalaka’ is used to heat areas of the back to bring relief from the pain. You can even practice Pranayama to balance the Vata dosha.
  • The Ayurvedic treatment to cure back pain recommends the use of certain herbs such as Nirgundi, Shallaki, Ginger, and Guggul.


The role of Ayurvedic oils in reducing back pain

While there are many medicinal Ayurvedic oils that work to alleviate back pain and are devoid of any side effects, most Ayurvedic practitioners in Sydney recommend using two of them.

  • Mahanarayan oil: This comes with analgesic and rejuvenating properties. The oil penetrates deep into the skin, enhances blood circulation, eliminates toxins, and even relaxes sore muscles.
  • Dhanwantharam oil: This too works pretty much the same way! The Dhanwantharam oil is great for boosting blood circulation, eliminating toxins from the body, and reducing the numbness of the back muscles.


What’s the best treatment for your back pain?

When it comes to treating back issues, you can trust Ayurveda in Melbourne. Ayurvedic treatments include tons of different massages and remedies, thus offering holistic and optimum results. Thus, if you are looking for a solution to your long-term/chronic back pain woes, opting for Ayurvedic massages makes sense.

The holistic therapies of Ayurveda, coupled with the right dietary and lifestyle changes should fix the issue. However, you’d also have to fix your sleeping posture, to attain rapid relief from the problem.

  • Sleep on your side with or without a pillow between your knees for support.
  • Sleep on your side in the fetal position – by curling up your knees towards your chest so that the spine is stretched properly.
  • Sleep on your back with a pillow below the knees for support.


Key takeaway

There’s no better way of dealing with chronic back pain than Ayurveda. It offers a holistic and effective way of dealing with all kinds of menacing back pains – whether it’s a small niggle or something that has been causing trouble for years.

Reach out to a reliable and professional practitioner of Ayurvedic massage in Sydney, so that you can get quick relief.



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